Daily Inspiration 6-30-11

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“You are free to do whatever you like.
You need only face the consequences.”
— Sheldon Kopp
We do so dang many important things. But, who says they are important? For example, when the phone rings and we run to answer it. What if we didn’t? Heck, now we have voice mail, caller ID and all kinds of helps.
Someone tells you to do something. What if you said, no?
What is so important anyway? How do we measure the importance of an act? A scale of 1-10? Life or death?
I love how Mark Twain said, I am an old man with many troubles, most of which never happened.” I think most of the consequences of our choices to not do something would be nonexistent as well.
Heck, we could even have some fun saying no for a while. . .
It Still Comes Down To My Own Choosing.
Spread Some Joy Today–First, help yourself to feel joyful by changing your thoughts to appreciation. How many things, people, events, circumstances can you appreciate today? Then, you can spread some of that to others.
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