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“It doesn’t matter 
how many times a story has been told. 
As each and every person is unique, 
each and every person 
 has their own stories. 
Each voice is important 
 and valuable as any other." 
— Albert K. Strong 

So much of what I read and study is repetitive in some ways. I might listen to or read several authors on the same subject and each with their own point of view. And what amazed me again about this was hearing another voice that reminded me that each of us has stories. Each of us is unique. Each of us is of value.

Sometimes we might think to ourselves that it has all been said before, and we might even add that it has been said by smarter people than I, but that takes us off the point. The point is that each story is valuable. Each point of view is unique, and each is worthy of sharing if we have a mind to.

I was just recently introduced to Rob Bell. I first saw him on the Supersoul.tv Super Soul Session by Oprah Winfrey just a few weeks ago. I went and watched his video talk again and enjoyed it as much as the first time. So I bought his latest audiobook, and then another. As I was listening to this first one, which is his latest book, titled, How To Be Here, I was amazed at how different his expression of his ideas was. It is unique to him. I’m so glad that I found his thoughts and voice because much of it resonates within me, thereby making it valuable to me.

I could say, “well, Eckhart Tolle said it all about being present in more than one book, and in several recorded talks," but that isn’t true. Rob Bell added much to it. How many perspectives are there on the subject of being present? How many people are there on the planet? That is how many there are. Sure, some may say the same things with a different voice, and yet others will add something more, taking us on a different journey.

I find that I love to hear many different perspectives on a subject that I am interested in. It fills out my knowledge. I love it when the way someone says a thing resonates within me. I think, “Yeah! I agree," or “Wow! How cool was that! I never thought of it that way. It makes perfect sense."

I buy a lot of books and audiobooks. Most of them I finish, but probably 25% of them I only get a little way into it, and then decide I’ve heard or read enough. That’s okay. Though I was taught as a kid to eat everything on my plate, thereby having a “happy plate," I make up my own mind now. Even so, the part that I did read or listen to was enough. I got all I needed.

It’s also interesting to me how I never heard of someone who has been writing books, speaking, and teaching for over 30 years, and then I find them. Heck, maybe they found me! The world is full of people I’ve never heard of that are going to make a big difference in me as soon as we are introduced. I love the excitement and anticipation about that.

Every Voice Has An Audience. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by stopping for a few moments here and there to just enjoy the view. It doesn’t take much.

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