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Generosity is not
giving me that which I need more than you do,
but it is giving me
that which you need more than I do. “

— Kahlil

you ever watch a movie, hear an audio, or some other media and something said
that jumps out at you like it’s shaking you awake to hear it, when others
probably didn’t think anything of it? I am always looking for those moments
because they have much meaning I find and besides, when you’re doing a daily
inspirational message, it works nicely to be inspired.
tonight I was watching a movie called Courageous, a Facing the Giants type
flick. The brothers who do all these films do a good job of it considering the
religious focus. Back to the thing that jumped at me. . . the lead character is
talking to a Pastor and in a quandary about what to do about something, and
after he told the story, the Pastor paused, and then said this line: “How would
you like me to help you?”
that seem innocent enough, yet it is very powerful in my mind. Typically, you or
I or someone else hearing a story like he told might just jump in and offer
suggestions, give advice, explain the facts of life as we see it and more, but
this Pastor did none of that. He wants to know two things for sure. One, does he
want my help, and two, what would he like me to do for him?
is such an excellent question.
I wrote down another note as I was thinking about helping people. It was this:
“My wanting something for someone else more than they want it for themselves.”
Isn’t it interesting how after writing this down, I happen to watch this movie
and that line speaks to me.
it is telling me as I interpret it is that it pretty much doesn’t matter what I
want when it comes to someone else. It matters what they want. And then, as I
serve them, which I am in business to do, how would they have me serve
all perception, isn’t it? You might think as your are serving someone that
you’re doing a very good job of it, when the client is not seeing it. Of course, we
can’t have one way without the other, so we might think we are missing the mark,
where the client thinks we excel beyond compare. It is truly all
end the story, I think it is an excellent addition to ask mentally and perhaps
even vocally when serving another, “how would you like me to help you?” or
“how would you prefer me to serve you?” We might even be surprised at the
answer, and perhaps even encouraged and enlightened.

Helping Others Is So Much Better With Their

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