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“Infinite patience
yields immediate results.”
— Marianne Williamson

[Classic post from 8-2-17]

This quote really touched me. There are so many words for God, and now I see another: Infinite Patience.

Consider that phrase. Infinite patience is equal to, or the same as Love.

We get so uptight and nervous when things aren’t happening when we think they should. We could be said to be fraught with impatience. Whether it isn’t happening yet or isn’t unfolding as fast as we would like, our impatience for the result is clear.

Just imagine if God was like that. Very scary thought! Fortunately, it is clear to me that God has infinite patience, infinite love, infinite caring, and infinite support. It is we who reject those things for the very short term attempted gain of whatever it is that we think we want or need.

What if we, in our new awareness of this infinite patience, adopted the idea of playing with it, practicing it, allowing it? Better world? More enjoyable life? Easier goals? Peace of mind? Calm, cool and collected?

I’ve been a staunch advocate of practicing patience and enjoying each and every opportunity to do so. Those opportunities come to me when I find temporary blockages, others expressing infinite impatience, and more. In other words, problems. As I feel the resistance in my mind and body in these situations, I remember that it is one more opportunity to practice my patience. This practice has changed much of my life as Jim Rohn has said, “from frustration to fascination.”

Now I Want My Practice To Go Deeper Into Infinite Patience. 

Spread Some Joy Today–in your willingness to practice. It’s the sure way to get better at it.

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