Daily Inspiration 6-28-13

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“When you don’t cover up the world

with words and labels, a sense of the

miraculous returns to your life that

was lost a long time ago when humanity,

instead of using thought,

became possessed by thought.”

— Eckhart Tolle

The power of words is amazing sometimes. I, too, have used the N-word. After all, I grew up in the fifties and sixties. But the funny thing is that I hear it more today than I ever did back then, and mostly on Rap music, and movies. I’m guilty.

I made a career out of using the F-word. I guess that I wanted to see how many times I could use that word and its derivatives in one sentence and paragraph. I grew bored with its lack of imagination and better expression of feeling and now it only comes up on autopilot in times of upset most likely. You know, when I’m out of my Zen space.

Of course, I have no remorse about these. They just were what they were when they were and I’ve moved on. But, I have to also admit that I have used the C-word, the B-word, The S-word (a personal favorite still in effect today!). Not to be outdone by anyone, I’ve leaked from time to time the A-word, Z-word, T-word, U-word, D-word, G-word, H-word, and all kinds of other letter-words.

In fact, one of my favorite O-words is obsequious. Since I learned that O-word in the late seventies, I’ve used it many times and still use it today. I find many uses for the P-word, pathetic. It describes so much, and perhaps even my writing today.

It came to me one day in Junior College when we were reading the Catcher In the Rye aloud sitting outside and we came upon that magical word stated in print! OMG! It was laughable. What I realized right there and then was that words have no power of their own. Their only power is that which we give them. No more.

What’s even funnier in a very serious kind of way is all the wars and killings and other kinds of harm that have come from the power we have given many of these words, sentences and paragraphs. Of course, it works the other way too.

My Two A-words For Today Is Acceptance And Allowing. My Favorite L-word Is Love–Especially In The Verb Sense Of Loving One Another.

Spread Some Joy Today–Peace be with you today!

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