Daily Inspiration 6-28-11

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“Your brain doesn’t know what it cannot do until you tell it.”
— Ed Strachar
It is flat amazing what we can do when we just decide we can and we will and we will be good at it. It is equally amazing what we cannot do when we decide that we can’t and we won’t and we would be terrible at it. What is amazing is that they are both true–two opposing ideas that are both true.
Whenever I have made a decision that I was going to try something, that I wanted to do something, I’ve done it. I cannot think of a situation where I made a decision and it didn’t come true. At the same time, there are times where I have decided that I cannot do something and it always turned out that way.
It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, isn’t it?
As my age now begins with the number 6, I find some people I know that are not even there yet complaining that they aren’t smart enough, don’t get it and miscellaneous excuses for not learning something. I’m here to say that it is the learning of things that keeps me young in mind. There’s so much I haven’t even tried yet and I’m looking forward to making that decision coming up soon.
I think people should listen to themselves more. I mean listening as if you were someone else hearing what we say about ourselves or or circumstances or environment. If they did, they could learn to change that talk to something more affirming. I believe there isn’t anything that we cannot do. All we need is the desire and a decision to get started now.
I Believe In ME!
Spread some joy today–Feel the power! It’s all in your own mind. Exercise class starts in one hour. . .
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