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“We often exaggerate 
our own importance 
relative to those beneath us.” 

— Albert K Strong 

The ego is an amazing device that can, on occasion, protect us, but more often is liar of our own importance relative to the world and to each other. It’s amazing how important we can make ourselves, and under other circumstances we may not know our bottom from a hole in the ground.

I figured out early on in the business world that moving upward is harder only for one reason: there are fewer positions as we move upward. There is only one CEO, but there might be thousands of drivers, line workers, office personnel and more. So, when moving up, there are two challenges. One is having the space to move into. The other is having the space you move out of covered.

We can’t be having the place disrupted by not getting the work done. As a result of this outlook, I’ve never, ever feared anyone who wanted my job. Instead, I often encouraged others to want it and learn enough to be able to do it when the time came. It’s good to have the bases covered when the guy or gal above me leaves, gets fired, or gets sick.

Because I prepared and learned all I could about the position above me, I was able to take advantage of those situations and also be able to operate to a certain degree from the start.

In my own company, I want people to be able to take over whatever little amount I might do and not lose any momentum. I want the business to grow and become long after I’m out of it, or on to other things. There’s no good reason to build a business and then watch it dissolve.

What that means to me is to learn to delegate as much as possible. My ego might want me to hold on to it, but I know better. I have also learned another valuable lesson. There are people who can do it so much better than I can. That’s a revelation, but a good one to get in touch with. There is nothing more inspiring and productive than to surround yourself with people who excel and for me to be a part of it, or have a hand in it.

Raising children is a constant process of allowing and letting go. A business is like raising a family in that sense. 

Who’s Coming Up? 

Spread Some Joy Today–Help someone along their way. It will do you better good than them, I’m sure.

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