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“Whatever the present moment contains,
accept it as if you had
chosen it.”

— Eckhart

idea requires a more open and allowing attitude or mind than many of us have or
had. I know that in my past, there is no way that I could have accepted fully
this idea of accepting things as if I had chosen it, except of course the things
that were good that were created by my infinite talent and wisdom and skill. But
all that other crap was the outside world picking on me for no good reason. Even
if I could have considered accepting full responsibility for my actions that
created a negative result, I certainly wouldn’t admit that openly. Best to put
the blame as far from me as possible.
now it’s a different world that I live in–one of my expanded awareness of my
own creations and circumstances based on my thoughts and actions, including
failures to act. I no longer allow myself any squeak room to speak of, and if I
am honest, I have to admit that I can certainly be my own worst enemy from time
to time. Getting that out in the open with myself is pretty powerful
that last part of the quote that says to accept it (fairly easy), and
then Eckhart had to add that last bit, “as if you had chosen it.” Now that one
is a taller order, even for expanded awareness. You mean I chose that stuff to
happen? I created it on purpose? Whew. That’s a challenge. However, it is worth
working on because it is so empowering to begin this process of “accepting it as
if you had chosen it.”
key to this is the first part: “whatever the present moment contains.” If we can
keep our overactive mind and imagination out of the past and the future, at
least for a short time, it makes accepting it as if you had chosen it not only a
possibility, but a game changer in our lives.
one idea of how to deal with this: Ok, I created this situation. It is what it
is. It is here. At this moment, it is obvious to me that I was not creating this
consciously, for I may have chosen differently; however, it is what it is and I
will deal with it as I need to right now, and I will keep my focus on right now
as I deal with it. I intend to be more of a conscious creator as I grow in my
awareness of my own power to create.

Acceptance Is A Powerful Tool Toward

Spread Some Joy Today–Saying Thank You! to people that do things for you
is spreading joy. Consider the postal person, the person who mows your lawn,
does your dishes, cleans your bathroom, irons your clothes, and all those taken
for granted common services. I LOVE the garbage man! I love paying that bill
with a big thank you note. How about you?
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