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“Whatever you fight,
you strengthen,
and what you resist,

— Eckhart Tolle
(and many others)

I learned the concept of the quote above quite some time ago and I believe it to be absolutely accurate, and with what seems to be human nature, it is hard to practice that belief. What I mean by that is that we seem to want to fight against things we don’t want or believe in and we think in our fight against them that they have a possibility of being licked. Yet, this is not how the universal laws work.
Whatever we give attention to is increased and it doesn’t matter if it is something we want or something we don’t want. So fighting against a thing only creates more of it to fight against which creates more of it, and so on. The war on poverty hasn’t decreased poverty, as the war on cancer hasn’t decreased cancer, and the war on drugs hasn’t decreased drugs. In fact, all those things have increased regardless of the fight. In fact, there is more disease in the world than at any time during the reign of mankind, yet at the same time, there is more joy than ever before as well. Our choice is a matter of where we want to focus.
I do my best and continually improve at making this kind of distinction in everything in my life. What I want more of, this I want to give my attention to. What I want less of or is not right, I do my best to be ignorant and even outright reject it. I even have a new sign on my wall: “Terry Is Blissfully Ignorant!” Yes, I am, and proud of it.
If the news (local, regional, national or world) brought me interesting things about the positive aspects or building-up aspects of life, I would pay close attention to it, but as it is almost all negatively focused or focused on what is wrong, not right, spectacular, and controversial, I have no interest in it. And, I am blissfully ignorant if someone were to ask me about a news event that I didn’t hear about. I certainly don’t need it in my conversation script, so even if I knew about it, I would not discuss it. What good could ever come from that?
Our business or at our job is just an extension of our personal thinking. If there is news of, talk of and focus on some kind of economic downturn, the downturn is strengthened and expanded. The way around it is to not only not discuss it, read about it or bother to listen to it, but to celebrate the abundance that we currently have in our lives. The more we celebrate our abundance, the more abundance we have.

Whatever We Celebrate, We Strengthen. Whatever We Praise Persists.

Spread Some Joy Today–Find as many things to be truly thankful for today as you can. They can be big, small or in between.
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