Daily Inspiration 6-25-10

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“Coming together is a beginning;
Keeping together is progress;
Working together is success.”
— Henry Ford
“We cannot live only for ourselves.
A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow-men. . . .
— Herman Melville
“Help thy brother’s boat across, and lo!
thine own has reached the shore.”
— Hindu Proverb
At first thought, I thought it was a silly pastime, but I have grown to love Facebook. I don’t spend very much time there, but what I love about it is that I can connect to people I’ve worked with in the past, went to school with, other people I’ve met or known and it helps me to think of them, think fond thoughts of them and sometimes even communicate on Facebook with them. My fond thoughts are communication, of course and that is enough sometimes. I know thoughts are transmitted and I know that in some way, they are felt.
I also love the fact that I can share what is going on in my own life, or what I’m doing and others can see that and benefit by it. Sometimes people will communicate back on Facebook about a post and then a mini-dialogue will result. It makes it kind of fun.
Sometimes I will meet someone at an event and they might say they saw something on Facebook that I wrote like these Daily Inspirations since I post them there too. It’s always interesting to find readers you didn’t know you had and how they were pleased and enjoyed the posts. It’s rather inspiring.
In our business of website design and Internet Marketing at www.upwardtrend.org, we help businesses use Facebook and other social networking sites effectively in promoting their business in a soft, fun way. So in that, Facebook has become a partner and an effective tool. And, Facebook is barely six years old. What an amazing trip they have been on!
It is an inter-connected world now and will only get more so. What each of us does can affect many more people now than ever before. I think that is awesome and wonderful and it is also a way for us to stay connected.
I Love The New Ways We Connect With Each Other.
Communication Changes The World!
Spread Some Joy Today–Celebrate all these wonderful ways to communicate with each other; i.e., cellphones, Facebook, Twitter, email, and so much more. What an awesome time to be alive!
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