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“Don’t let your special character 
and values, the secret that you know 
and no one else does, the truth– 
don’t let that get swallowed up 
by the great chewing complacency.” 

— Aesop, 620 BC – 564 BC 

As I was looking at notes from The Values Factor book, I ran across the quote above and I just had to share it. First of all, it is a very powerful message, and secondly, it was stated a very long time ago. There was plenty of knowledge in the past, it is just that they had a terrible distribution system, unlike the Internet of today. What a challenge it must have been to disseminate information back then.

What I get out of this quote and why it jumped off the page for me is that I think he is saying that we need to love and respect ourselves and that each of us is important. Indeed, more than just important, each of us has a special and unique character and values, just as Dr. John Demartini has been teaching me through this book.

The quote also says to not hide your specialness, but to find a way to express it. There is a great benefit in that for ourselves and for others too. It also says that this special character and unique values are our truth. Each of us has our own truth by that statement and that there is no such thing as THE truth.

And, last, he cautions us to not to just give in by fitting in. Our truth, our real self, our inner self, our uniqueness needs to be expressed and be alive in us. When we give in to the crowd, the pack, the group, we must let go of that in order to fit into other peoples values. Dilution is not a good solution and full strength is the best strategy.

In short, we need to be ourselves, to love ourselves for who and what we are in our travels to wherever we are going. If we can find a way to express ourselves along the way, to respect ourselves and each other for all our uniqueness, I cannot think of a better formula for success.

What Are Your Highest And Unique Values That Beg For Expression? 

Spread Some Joy Today–by letting go of any stress like dropping the tug-o-war rope, and turning to see those issues from the point of view of joy. Just because something looks like a problem, doesn’t mean that it really is. What you perceive, you receive.

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