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“Maximum growth and development 
occur at the border of support and challenge, 
ease and difficulty, order and disorder.” 

— Dr. John F Demartini 

I have no idea where I got the idea that by finding the right partner, the right job, the right place to live, and other such concepts, would lead me to have ease without difficulty, support without challenge, and order without disorder, yet I seem to have had that thought or thoughts and that often led to frustration. It’s not just that the grass might be greener on the other side of the fence, but thinking that it will never get weeds and never needs mowing generally doesn’t enter our minds as we see all that green beyond the fence.

Dr. Demartini says, “many people live in a fantasy that they can have ease without difficulty and support without challenge. Then, when they encounter difficulties and challenges, they feel frustrated, almost insulted, that life isn’t working out the way they’d fantasized. He adds, “the amount of challenge that you think belongs in your life is not necessarily the amount of challenge that life is going to throw at you. It is all about your perceptions.” He advises that “when we live according to our highest values and embrace both support and challenge equally, we grow and develop most efficiently and fulfill our most inspired missions.”

We might often see these challenges as obstacles that are in the way of what we want. And, here Dr. Demartini says something that really helped me change my perception. He said, “Obstacles are not in your way, but simply on your way.”

To see challenge and support equally is to realize that our perceived problems or challenges are not in our way, but simply on our way is to lead an inspired life. There is nothing in nature, he says, that has support without challenge, or only challenge without support. There is no such thing, and even if there were, there would be no life for it is in the challenges, and especially at the border of challenge and support that we grow and are alive.

It Is Amazing How One Sentence Can Change Perceptions. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by focusing on loving yourself today–the whole of you, not just parts.

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