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“Energy cannot be created or destroyed,
it can only be changed from
one form, to another.”

— Albert

was out for a walk today and was thinking briefly about how in the grandest and
the most minute sense, we are all made of energy, or the same stuff. The rock,
the cement I was walking on, the trees, the birds, the air all around me, my
body is all different forms of the same substance–energy.
I released that thought for a moment, I thought about my love of trees. I love
trees. Every kind of tree. I appreciate them, as they are such benefits to us in
many ways and they are also beautiful to look at. Then a whiff of freshly
scattered bark caught my nose and what a wonderful smell that is. They
recently added all fresh ground bark to the planter areas along my walkway and I
was loving catching those whiffs of bark that used to adorn a tree, and now
helps control weeds, keep moisture in the soil and adds a great look to the
landscaping. I love bark that used to be on trees.
love wood–wood that used to be a tree but is no longer a tree. I love all
different kinds of wood. Soft woods, hard woods, light wood, dark wood, deep
grained, slight grained, I love it all. One of my favorite things is to walk
through a real lumber yard. Not those indoor wannabe’s, but the real ones where
they cut wood and have much of it stored outside in the air where the smells of
the wood gently mingle with the air I breathe.
I always
fantasized myself a fine woodworker like a cabinetmaker of old, with the old
wooden planes, a gallery of different saws for different jobs, a massive array
of clamps, tools, sanders, shapers, and all sorts of helpful power tools–you
know, a real live Yankee This Old House workshop. Of course, I had most of
that but the only thing lacking was the skill and patience. And, I’ve tried
several times, have owned three radial arm saws and sold them all. Still I love
wood, appreciate good woodsmanship and fine real furniture.
there is what is left. Sawdust, chips, shavings. I love it too. Sawdust has so
many uses and smells so good too. Then there’s burning wood. I love a wood fire,
the smell of burning wood. There are many benefits to burning wood, and maybe
some problems depending on how much burning there is.
I’ve come full circle and loving every step. I love the tree, the tree body, the
smells and feel and the products that can be made from it.
we get focused on only one aspect of something when there is so much more.
Sometimes we focus on one aspect as being good and other aspects as not good. If
what Einstein said is true, then it is all the same thing. Maybe it is affected
by the way we view it. . .

I See It Change Before My Eyes. It Is, It Isn’t, And Then It

Spread Some Joy Today–It’s good to tell someone you love them–especially
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