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Success Week
“Success is not the destination;
it’s a way to travel.”
— Denis Waitley
Rounding out the last of success week, I’ve shared my top ten or so success quotes and ideas. What is unique about the selection is that each and every quote is something that anyone can choose. They don’t require a bunch of work, lucky breaks, steely-eyed focus, or an extra dose of hope. They are easy, and they all say the same thing in different ways. The fact they are easy and anyone can achieve it is perfect.
Today’s quote helps to clarify that success isn’t something on the outside, but something that comes from within. It isn’t a destination; a place to go, arrive at, or achieve, rather, it is a daily, hourly, moment by moment journey and of making choices in the now about what you want as you live it at the same time.
It is best, in my opinion, to keep the rules to an absolute minimum, for rules are what create that experience called failure. It wouldn’t be called that if there weren’t any rules. What do we have to do to be a success? As far as I’m concerned it is just living and seeking to experience more joy; to feel a bit better; to love; to appreciate and enjoy everything around us–in other words to experience this life. To say that someone must achieve something in order to be called a success and if they don’t achieve it, they are a failure, or they have failed is purely opinion and we need not plug into that in the least unless we want to. That would just be their point of view, but we can view it very differently.
I recommend that we need to take it easy on ourselves and not get so hung up on trophies, especially when we get so serious about them. Life is bliss if we decide it is bliss and choose to experience that bliss, and it is not if we don’t. The choice is only our own. Success is our own choice and not to be from anyone else. I like that idea a lot.
Celebrate! Celebrate! Dance To The Music!
Spread Some Joy Today–It’s as easy as deciding to feel good! It’s contagious and delicious.
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