Daily Inspiration 6-21-12

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“There is only one thing
for us to do,
and that is to do our level
right where we are every
day of our lives;
to use our best judgment,
and then to
trust the rest to that
Power which holds
the forces of the universe
in his hands.”

— Orison Swett

else is there? There is nothing. That leaves only one thing, and that is to
choose to do our best each day with what we have now and where we are now and
then let the rest be as it will be. We cannot really control the outcomes as
much as we think we can, but we can control our efforts, our focus, our trust,
our faith, our joy in the moment. Let us control that which we are ordained to
control, and leave the rest alone. There will be far greater satisfaction and
pleasure from this simple philosophy.

I Think, I Do. That’s All There Is For Me. It Is

Spread Some Joy Today–send that thank you card you wanted to send a while
back and let other things get in the way. It will feel so much better getting
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