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 Quotes that I disagree with. . .
“There is no gains without pains.”
— Benjamin Franklin
“There is no success without hardship.”
— Sophocles
“No pain, no palm; no thorns, no throne;
no gall, no glory; no cross, no crown.”
— William Penn
I’m sorry, but I can’t in my right mind go along with these masochistic quotes. It is saying essentially that bad things have to happen BEFORE good things can be.
Total rubbish!
And, having heard this kind of sentiment over and over again is perpetuating more pain and more misfortune for it becomes accepted that this is a “normal” way that accomplishments are ended. It’s all that “walking through the valley of death,” and all that. It’s all rubbish to me. . . now. . . for I used to believe it too. . . until I found it UNNECESSARY!
The first thing–and this is where everything starts–is our thoughts. If I think there is no gain without pain, then there will be no gain in my life without some kind of pain. Indeed. Then, pain is just my interpretation of an event, and that came from memory and belief from previous thoughts. Change them and change EVERYTHING.
I realize these well meaning and very famous people are trying to encourage people who fall down to get back up again and I appreciate that sentiment, but I have to disagree with their method.
Gain DOES NOT require pain.
Success DOES NOT require hardship.
Unless. . . that’s what you want to experience!
Start here with some affirmations:
My success is assured! I gain in my success everyday and enjoy the process.
Every day I gain in ways I couldn’t have imagined.
I start with success and continue to grow in my success.
Success is my natural state.
It is so easy for me.
I Enjoy My Journey Toward That Which I Want. That Is My Ultimate Success.
Spread Some Joy Today–Just because someone famous said it, doesn’t mean you can’t disagree with it. Who needs pain? I’m thinking that it is something to avoid, not accept as necessary.
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