Daily Inspiration 6-20-13

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“Approach life knowing
there will be

plenty to go around.

Be generous.”

— Frank McKinney

Isn’t this quote a grand idea? Isn’t the whole idea of unending abundance a grand idea? Some may even look at that as an ideal, which is the same thing as saying it is not here now but could be someday. Others may have a very hard time from their upbringing of lack to even seriously consider abundance as a possible reality.

I was one who was brought up in lack. I will never forget (although I certainly should) my step-father screaming out, ‘who drank the last of the milk?’ It seems silly to me now, but I had heard that kind of statement many times. I was always curious as to who should drink the last of the milk. But, it was a good idea to go along, so I would never drink the last of the milk.

I remember a friend coming over when I was a teenager and he went to the fridge and casually and intently drank the last of the milk. I knew it was coming later and my step-dad was so upset that I began to laugh. Not the best move, but I was rather encouraged by my friend and his boldness to think abundantly.

Now, much later in life, I think abundantly often, but it is still not my normal thinking. I certainly want it to be because I think it is absolutely true. Mainly we think it is not true when it comes to money most often, but as I look around I see an abundance of air. I see an abundance of blue sky right now. I see and abundance of plants, trees, grass, buildings. If fact, I see abundance all around me. Who can count the grains of sand of the beaches, or the drops of water in the ocean, or the number of atoms in our own body?

That is all outside, but inside I have an abundance of love. It is so deep and so wide and so full that it cannot even be expressed in size. I have an abundance of joy when I choose to have joy. I so love how Alan Cohen puts it about joy when he says, ‘work may be your dominant thought, and joy an afterthought. But joy is your true purpose, and work the afterthought.’ I am certainly on that path and find more joy all the time.

What do you see outside of you in the way of abundance? What do you see inside of you that is abundant? How can we keep those thoughts with us as often as possible throughout our day until we can perhaps make them our dominant thought?

. . . But, Joy Is Your True Purpose. . .

Spread Some Joy Today–Think abundance. Express your love and joy abundantly.

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