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“Celebrate what you
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— Tom

so easy to get caught in the trap as Elvis used to sing so well. It somehow
seems natural, and yet it doesn’t feel good or right even. The trap is in
finding fault, and there are so many ways to do it, as well different venues
such as at work, at home, at parties, at social events, in restaurants, in
meetings, and pretty much where ever there are more than one person.
we think it is going to have a reward like finding an answer to the problem we
find fault and complain about, or that we will find the solution to how someone
else is acting or behaving and how to get them to do it the right way, which of
course, is our way. But the only true reward is frustration and disappointment.
Neither is very valuable.
as positive as people think I am, I’ve been in the trap recently in our business
focusing on what’s in need of repair, or what’s wrong, while only occasionally
talking about what is right in comparison. To be fair, I am paying attention to
where my attitude is and what is coming out of my mouth, and it isn’t the
majority of the time, but a minority. Still, it sucks. Today, I realized just
how much it sucks and the fact that restating the problems is a never-ending
circle going nowhere.
I’ve decided something to change: My focus. I am not going to pay hardly any
attention to what is wrong, or not working, etc., and instead of that time
spent, will spend it in praise and admiration of what is right and what is
working. This includes celebrating people in our business as well as my personal
I’ve been sort of heading this direction and practicing for some time; however,
this is going to be different. I’m going to pretty much ignore the other side
and deal only in facts and zero drama. As an example, I’m going to celebrate our
clients who pay us in a timely manner; those who participate with us helping
them, and much more. Rather than instituting the typical collection policy, we
will develop our unique collection policy by seeking those who match these
simple, yet awesome standards and by our celebration, praise and focus, thereby
attract more of them to us, while the other types will fall by the
don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but I am happy to have done so and
eagerly and enthusiastically look forward to practicing and implementing this
far better strategy.

I’m So Done With The Old And So Into The

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