Daily Inspiration 6-2-10

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“Everything is possible for him who believes.”
— The Bible, Mark 9:23
“Faith is the power to believe.”
— Prentice Mulford
This is a universal message in everything that we do. Of the amazing and stupendous things done in this world, I doubt any were done by not believing they could be done, for that is a sure fire way to not do them. The great reoccurring theme in success is believing it can be achieved–even not necessarily knowing how it would happen. If you knew how it would happen, there would be no need for belief.
Faith and belief are often used interchangeably, yet I think belief is the decision and faith is the commitment. Think about it.
Faith Is A Commitment To Belief.
Spread Some Joy Today–Make some belief decisions and turn them into faith. What a difference that will make.
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