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“Honor your own life.”
— Dr. John D. Demartini

[Classic post from 7-11-17]

I am moved to a magnificent change. I wrote yesterday about the culmination of the tipping point and how easy it was to go over the edge much like a roller coaster reaching the peak and from there has created its own momentum to move without any effort at a high rate of speed on its course. Then, this morning, I knew what I had to write about for days to come.

It fascinates me how I will go through learning and nothing much seems to happen, and then suddenly I am moved. I used to call those plateau’s of learning, where I climb and climb and climb some more reaching a plateau from which to enjoy a new and unique view. Here I am not resting so much as I am reviewing the insights that have gathered in sufficient quantity that it takes me some time to sift them, feel them, roll them around in my increased awareness before renewing my energy for climbing again.

On Friday, I mentioned an interview with John Demartini and as I took notes, I see so much more than I thought I was learning. The quote at the top is one of the notes I wrote, and as I looked at it yesterday and today, I was inspired to share some of his thoughts mixed with my own.

I’ll start this morning with a question: Do you honor yourself? Do you really honor yourself? Here’s another and more descriptive way of looking at this question: As you see your life, do you see the glass full and overflowing, or do you see it as half full?

Half full is often stated as positive and at the same exact level of the water in the glass can be seen as half empty. It’s insightful to me to have the level be the same and we may see the exact so-called opposite view. Perception is all. Perception is uniquely individual. Perception is chosen; albeit, it cannot help but have been influenced in a variety of ways that lead toward that individual perspective.

It’s easy to honor someone else. We all do it. If you’re into sports, it is someone or many who are, as they say, superstars in that field. If you’re into music, it is the favorite artists, and so on. We may honor certain politicians, or business leaders, or self-help guru’s, religious or spiritual leaders. It is most often someone with a degree of attention in such a way as we can see their prowess, and experience their uniqueness.

And, uniqueness is a really good word to use here. It doesn’t mean better than, worse than, or more than, or less than. That is a comparison. To me, it means honoring yourself. To me it means coming out, letting our innate skills and talents to be exposed. But, to avoid comparison, it is not to be better than, worse than, more or less than, but to be the most perfect uniqueness that is you.

It also means that we are not alone in our uniqueness, but all are unique. Do all share their uniqueness? No. But, they can. They are even encouraged to do so. Sometimes an inspired moment will open the gate and let some of that uniqueness out, and as that is allowed to open more, we can become as unique as we were divinely created to be.

It is not up to anyone else. It is only up to us. Much more in the coming days on this wonderful subject.

Honoring Your God-Ordained Life. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by breathing deeply many times throughout your day. Breath is life. Breath is freedom. Breath is perspective.

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