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“The secret of education 
lies in respecting the pupil.” 

— Ralph Waldo Emerson 

I find this so true, and one of the best ways to respect the pupil is to have the learning be interesting and fun. 

I’ve stated many times that I became a serious (as in actually doing it!) reader in my early twenties. I also mentioned a few times how much audiobooks did for me in my 52 mile daily commute for four years I did in the late 80s and early 90s. I bought and read somewhere around 120 books on cassette tape back then and still have many of them. Later I switched to CD’s and now it is even easier.

I just took a 900 mile trip and listened or ‘read’ two complete books. Besides doing a far better job of keeping me awake and alert than music, I get to learn so much with so little effort.

If I might recommend a product and service that I have found to be impressive, I highly recommend www.Audible.com, which is owned by Amazon.com. With the Gold membership you pay around $14 per month and get a credit and one credit buys any audiobook, even ones that sell for over $50. It is a silly bargain, and I have now amassed around 50 audiobooks this way.

But here’s the best part. I have an app on my iPhone and download the book to my phone and listen away. So, so easy, and so beneficial.

If you haven’t got much time to read, and I understand that, this is the answer to get the info and have it easily fit into your schedule.

One of the ones I listened to yesterday was Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Black Book of Networking and anyone can benefit from the wonderful and in depth presentation of that material read by the author himself. Outstanding stuff. I will listen to two more on the way home at least. I love it.

Learning Is Fun, And Making It Easy Helps! 

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