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“There are multiple ways to look at any event

or situation. At one extreme is the perspective of

judgment, fear, and guilt. At the other extreme


trust, forgiveness, and love.”

— Alan Cohen

Thought is the key to all of our every experience, yet we find that so hard to grasp sometimes. Our training and the acceptable practices of people around us or on TV or movies is often our guide.

I was watching a murder mystery show tonight (I’m curious why murder is so often what these shows highlight). Interesting characters and acting. A couple has a daughter who was murdered 20 years ago and they cannot let go of that and have found ways to keep all of that alive and the emotions were exhausting, but you know, someone has to keep these things alive. Or so it would seem. So the main character says that the only thing that will help is time. Time is the healer of all wounds and all that stuff.

I don’t see how time will have any effect. Time does not heal wounds, hurts, bad thoughts, fear. Thinking a different thought about that is the only thing that could ever work. First of all, it is the thought that is creating the grief now. It is the thought of the loss and the fear and the revenge and the. . . well, it is all the thought and not the event. The event just is. It is what we choose to think about it that determines how we feel about it.

We have so much more power and we are much more empowered than it would seem if you watch the news. It that realm it is all about who did what, why they did it, who’s to blame, whether they feel remorse or not, and then the punishment. Then, the foundations begin, the events are remembered, celebrated, honored, promoted, and it remains in play indefinitely. It may sound like I’m being cynical, but it is just the facts.

The only thing that doesn’t get the play it could that would make a difference is that we have the power and the opportunity to choose how we will think about anything, and that determines how we feel and how we react. Time has no value in that.

I Choose To Determine My Own Thoughts And Accept Responsibility For My Own Reactions And Emotions.

Spread Some Joy Today–Normal is a societal term that means average. I choose not normal.

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