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Success Week
“Success is not to be pursued; it is to be
attracted by the person you become.”
— Jim Rohn
Continuing sharing my top ten success quotes and ideas by sharing this great quote by Mr Jim Rohn, one of my great mentors in sales, management and life skills.
What I love about this quote is that it combines two extremely valuable ideas and advice: One, is that success is not something to chase around. It is not something to go get. It is not something even that you achieve like you would shoot a target in a shooting gallery. Although some achieve certain results by pursuing a success objective, it is usually not what they thought it was when they get there.
For most, chasing success is more like fishing in unfamiliar waters. You might catch something if you’re really lucky. That’s no fun.
Instead, the other idea is that success is something that you attract. It comes to you, or that you become it and that the way that is done is by being an attractive person. Like yesterday’s post, it is like becoming a person of value. That kind of person attracts success and every other good thing.
The person we become is the one thing we have complete and total control over. We can become more, serve more, provide more, share more, love more, study more. We all have that capacity and that power. The only question is do we do it? Many may say no and yet still be hoping for success. That’s the cart before the horse.
If we keep expanding ourselves, success will follow us wherever we go!
So, the short way to say this is that success is not something we chase, but something that chases us!
Become A More Attractive Person And Success Will Follow You!
Spread Some Joy Today–Give up all your need to be right–just for today. See what happens.
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