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“There are three things
that we all have control of.
Our perceptions, decisions,
and our actions.”
— Dr. John D. Demartini

[Classic post from 7-7-17]

I heard this quote during an interview with John Demartini a couple of weeks ago and made note of it. It is so accurate.

We are the only ones who have control of our perceptions. It doesn’t matter if we think we are creating our environment or if we think others are creating it without our permission. In any event, and in all events, it is we who are perceiving that. Our perception is how we see everything, what we think about it, and it is all true. We have the choice of how we will perceive everything. Some are obviously tainted with prior experience, but it need not be. It is our choice no matter how we perceive.

We are the decision makers even though we may say another made decisions for us, or overtly influenced us, or as we make a choice that is in our own best interests. In all cases, we make the decisions, and that includes not making decisions. For choosing to avoid making a decision is, in fact, a decision.

We are empowered exclusively to act in our world. Our actions are filtered by our experience, knowledge, skills, and perceptions, and yet no matter they are filtered or not, they are solely in our control to take. Take action or not take action. Of course, that comes from the decision or lack of decision, our perceptions of all of that and more, but it is we who act.

I was thinking this morning about this quote and how many times I have chosen not to make a decision and chosen as a result to not act, and yet these were all my choices. How I perceive things change with my knowledge and experience, my willingness to let life flow rather than struggle within it. It is quite malleable. I am always open or try to be that, to see things from a different perspective. As that perspective changes, I cannot help but change my decisions and actions because perspective is the controlling force in my life.

My Free Will Is Always My Own God-Given Responsibility. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by enjoying your power to create.

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