Daily Inspiration 6-15-13

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“The longer I live,

the more beautiful life becomes.”

— Frank Lloyd Wright

I have to agree with this quote absolutely. It seems logical that this might come with some age, and perhaps a sprinkle of wisdom, but I think it comes not from age, but only a change in awareness.

When I was younger I used to see nature, but I saw it so differently than I do now. Now I notice the spider webs in the trees, the birds, how the wind invisibly moves the visible, shadows and light and new growth and old. I find peace and tranquility in these views.

Yet it’s not just nature, but everything. I see more beauty in people, in the things people make, the talents they express, a smile and how the eyes smile along, how we help each other, encourage and love one another.

The good news for me is that there is so much of all this beauty surrounding me, that I see it now all day every day. What a blessing.

Once I Was Blinded, And Now I SEE.

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