Daily Inspiration 6-15-12

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“Darn the wheel of the world!
Why must it continually
turn over?
Where is the reverse

— Jack

So, pretend there is a reverse gear. If you could go back in time, what would
you change
how would you change it? Of course, it’s only fair that you go back to the
knowledge base you had then with no recollection of having been in the
. . let’s see now. That being the case, it seems only reasonable and true that
you would have made the same decisions in exactly the same way that you did
before, for there would have been no reference point from which to cause a
would only be with the wisdom that you’ve learned in living your life that could
cause a change in the past. Something tells me that isn’t going to happen except
in a fantasy of your own doing.
on all of that, what point is looking backward? The only place to look at is
today, this minute and what can be done right now. Anything else is a waste of
valuable now time.

Dealing With Accumulated Intelligence Is All There Is To Deal

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