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Success Week
“Everyone is successful.”
— Terry Minion
What the heck? I’ve been touching on the word success and so might as well give it a week.
This quote above came to me yesterday and I’ve been thinking about it. I believe that we are all creators and that we are all successful at creation. It’s how differently people may judge the creation that is a hang up for many.
Some might look at my successes and call them failures, or something else. It just depends on how they choose to look at it and what they intend to measure. You’ve heard about the Spin, or Spin Doctor where someone will take some outcome and put their own spin on it–typically a positive spin where many might otherwise look at the situation negatively. It can also be spun the other way.
But those are just a bunch of rules and imposed standards that are used by people to give judgements and appraisals. In other words: opinion.
I am saying that I believe that each and every one of us are successful. What we are successful at is creation. What that creation is will be as unique as each of us is. It’s high time we celebrate and praise instead of complain and blame. Celebrate your success every day because it is clear to me that you are successful at creation.
I now realize that I am very successful every day. One day I might be successful at taking it easy and relaxing, another day working through some issues, and another being a friend, still another being a leader, and so on. I am successful all day long every day of my life and I think it is so much fun to think of it that way.
No More Success and Failure. There Is Only Success.
Spread Some Joy Today–Have a private celebration of your successes. Give yourself some liberal praise. Nice work!
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