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“Learning never exhausts the mind.”
— Leonardo da Vinci

[Classic post from 7-2-17]

We are all learners. Many of us may not admit it, but it is virtually impossible to be alive and not be learning.

It also may not be a priority or a high value within, yet it is like a switch that is always on regardless of the desire or intent.

To me, learning is one of my highest values. It always has been, and always will be. I cannot shake it and yet would never have that desire.

Dr. John Demartini teaches values and how we relate to them, how they lead us when we may not even be aware, how we can improve communications by realizing our own highest values and those of the other or others and arranging our communication to be of benefit to them by attaching it to their values, while keeping our own in mind.

For example, one question is: How do you fill your personal space? So, anyone with eyes would look around my personal space and see that I am surrounded by reminders of my highest value of learning. There are books everywhere, audiobooks fill my computer and iPhone, and much more.

Of course, my mind never gets tired of learning. I am always on, just like that switch; however, I choose what I will learn. There are so many things that are like giant walls I cannot seem to climb in trying to learn things that I think I ‘should’ learn, but have almost no desire for. We are all that way as well. Where one cannot get enough of one subject, many others go completely unnoticed.

This reminds me of being in school trying to get certain things to seep into my brain and it seemed as if I was incapable of learning them. This is where schooling can be problematic for the student. Some excel, some fail, lots of in between. So it is in our places of employment. Some excel, some fail, lots of in between. Can’t learn? Not even. Won’t learn. Not the right assessment. Not within their values? Absolutely.

Dr. Demartini has this to say about how when we have something we ‘should’ learn or do and we struggle with it because we don’t want to learn it or do it. All we need do is tie it to one or more of our highest values and then we eagerly take part because we can see how in doing or learning these things, we are really living in and supporting our highest values.

I highly recommend downloading the value determination pdf from Dr. Demartini’s website. I predict you may, as I did, find it helpful to understand our own motives and actions and thought patterns and help us to thereby understand the others in our lives.

Learning never exhausts the mind as Leonardo said, and that is especially true when that learning is linked to our highest values. In fact, I find it the opposite of exhausting. I find it exhilarating!

Everyone’s Learning Switch Is Always On–Regardless Of What We May Think. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by giving more respect to others in increased understanding. We all want the same thing: To love and to be loved.

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