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“Trees are the earth’s
endless effort
to speak to the listening

— Rabindranath

been slowing reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and allowing the
information to settle in with me so that I understand it and to practice it so I
can truly understand it. It is a challenge because we are so accustomed to the
noise of our own thinking and reactions (thinking). He says to pay attention to
what is going on around you and to at the same time pay attention to your body
and being in your body. I’m loving the book and the practice, but as I said, it
is a challenge because I have to keep waking myself up as I realize I am
wandering through the maze of thoughts each time.
of the practice is just being keenly aware of what is going on all around us at
any given time, and today I went for a four mile walk and it was quite windy and
warm and it felt great. I noticed the sound of the trees as I was walking by
them or under them and thought that each different kind of tree had a different
sound. I started calling it singing, or tree songs. Some were higher pitch,
others lower and when I walked past a number of different trees in the same
close area, it sounded like harmony.
years ago (at least 28 years ago) I was camping on the valley floor in Yosemite.
I can remember to this day walking through the sheltered area covered with pine
trees and the sound they made and the smells, but mostly the sound. As I was
walking through some Monterey Pines today, I was taken right back there so long
ago by the sound of the trees, along with the smells of the pine.
I was paying attention and many times reawakening to paying attention, it was
joyous. I was having a great time. In this space, there are no problems, no
bills to pay, no things I am supposed to be doing, no other duties, just
awareness of the life that is all around me everywhere I go.
sure this particular daily inspiration is sounding kind of airy-fairy, or
spiritual. What is interesting is that when I allow myself to be in this space
of letting go of all my constant thinking, I am free of that thinking that binds
me and contains me. It allows me to access a different place and inspirations
come to me that are more useful than before. So, it has other benefits than just
joy of the experience, and experiencing the joy of being in the now.
sure I will be learning much more and I am looking forward to more of the
experience as well.

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