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“The simplest way to gauge

your current level of consciousness

is to tune in to your feelings.”

— Michael Neill

from The Inside-Out Revolution

Yesterday I was talking about how when others have something negative to say about us or what we do, our company, our friends, that it is among the most common of things to react, often in anger, and often then lash back at them. After all, it feels like an attack and we are trained to defend against attacks, and then punish the enemy for attacking our innocence to begin with. But, I indicated that this reaction is not only counterproductive, it is damaging us more and anything outside of ourselves. I also mentioned that having a space of time to consider what was said, can make all the difference in cooler head prevailing or not.

One of the best books I’ve ever read is a recent offering by Michael Neill called The Inside-Out Revolution. I highly recommend it and I am on my second reading heading toward mastery. To continue the quote above, he goes on to say, “When you’re feeling low (angry, frustrated, stressed out, uncomfortable, unwell, etc.), chances are that your level of consciousness has dipped and your view of yourself, your life, and the world is relatively limited.”

He continues, “When your mood is higher and you’re feeling peaceful, loving, and content, chances are that the elevator of consciousness has begun to climb, and from these higher levels you’ll naturally be able to respond more insightfully to whatever is happening around you.”

He adds in the next paragraph about practice: “the more you look in the direction of what’s creating the experience and away from the content of that experience, the easier it is to hear the quiet wisdom that can lead to a quantum leap in consciousness.”

I love that last part, looking at what is creating the experience and away from the content of the experience. So often, we look at what is being said or what was done by others and taking it all so personally. But when we can step back, or in his case he talks about being in an elevator and rising above, we can see it differently. It makes it less real and more like a movie we are watching. We have space and perspective to casually look and see that it has no real power other than that which we have chosen to give it.

Yes, And Amen!

Spread Some Joy Today–What you focus on you will get more of. Why not joy? Why not love? Why not peace?

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