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“If we were giving 
one encouragement to parents, 
it would be to deliberately 
choose your emotional disc – 
your alignment with who-you-really-are – 
and then talk to your kids. 
Don’t let the subject at hand be the reason
for choosing your emotional disc. 
Don’t let the fact that they have misbehaved 
or disobeyed be the reason 
that you feel the way you do.”
— Abraham, Esther Hicks

[Classic post from 6-15-17]

This is such wonderful advice for maintaining harmony in lieu of chaos in a family–especially in a family where kids are experimenting with what they will come to understand as appropriate or not appropriate behavior. Kids are good at pushing buttons because they are learning by that, and how a parent reacts or responds will be their higher learning.

But, what I thought was the most telling in this quote is that I think it applies in every situation and relationship whether with another person or with information that is received from any non-personal source.

We get to choose how we will think about any situation in our lives. We can simply react out of habitual learned responses or we can respond as we would like to respond. Thoughtfully rather than thoughtlessly. Via the heart instead of the mind. With patience rather than impatiently. In love rather than out of fear.

Regardless of what another does or has done, we get to choose what, if any, our response will be.

No One Can Make Us Feel Anything. We Choose. Always. Consciously. Or Unconsciously. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by taking complete charge of your chooser.

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