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“Men are anxious to improve their circumstances,
but are unwilling to improve themselves; 
they, therefore, remain bound.”
– James Allen, 
As A Man Thinketh

[Classic post from 9-29-09. This was the first post that started the CTS Daily Inspirations]

Most of my life I was anxious to improve my circumstances and I did that mainly by complaining about them. I really wanted things to change, but I really wanted to wake up in the morning and have it all done for me during the night.

I’ve read a lot of books trying to improve myself and very little action in making the changes. Why? Because it is hard to change. And who really wants to anyway? No one wants to be uncomfortable.

I would go through fits and starts at making changes–many fits and few starts and even fewer finishers. Heck, I quit smoking at least 10,000 times, and I was serious about changing until the next morning when the desire kicked in. So many starts, so many times. I got really good at making changes that didn’t have any lasting effect because nothing changed very much.

Sound the least bit familiar?

Here’s what happened to me to improve myself and get unbound: Decisiveness. I began with desire and a plan of any kind, and made a firm decision to do it, whatever it was. I kept on deciding to decide and getting stronger all the time. Think about it, there is not much worse in feeling powerless than not deciding. Fretting about making the wrong decision, what other people will say and many other things that don’t really and truly matter. It is just fear. Decision chases fear away like no other action.

You want to improve your circumstances? Decide you will do it. Decide you will improve yourself. Pick up the books, take the courses, get the info and get going. When a question comes up, just chase it way with your strength of character! You’re in charge now! You are a decisive person! You can change your world!

There is only two more powerful phrases than, “I CAN.” They are “I WILL” and when you really get there: “I AM.”

Have an awesome day!

Spread some joy today–smile!

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