Daily Inspiration 6-1-14

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“Happiness is not having what you want. 
It is wanting what you have.” 

— Rabbi Hyman Schachtel 

Of all the things we want, it makes sense that to want the things we already have is at least one of the keys to a happier life. We will never stop wanting things, nor should we. It is the discovery of what we want which is based in large part in what we don’t want that leads us on all of our desirous journeys. And, it’s okay to not want things we have anymore and let them go, and if they are not appreciated or wanted, letting them go is a perfect response and activity. Someone else will want those things.

Being happy with what we have is a healthy idea. It is so because it means we are wanting what we have, and wanting what we already have means that we spend less time looking for happiness in some other place, or thing, or person. Besides, happiness doesn’t come from getting things, it comes from gratitude and joy and the feeling of at least a few moments of enough. It is a contented place; a comfortable place; a place to enjoy.

Whatever we have that we no longer want or need then takes up negative space. Release it and give it away so that someone else can enjoy it. This is a great way to share some joy that we once had in what we no longer care much about. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Cleaning Out The Negative Space. . . 

Spread Some Joy Today–See joy landing on everyone you see today. Intention is a powerful sharing device.

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