Daily Inspiration 6-1-13

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“In the culinary arts of life,

there is nothing more delightful to the taste

as a dollop of encouragement.”

— Albert K Strong

It is flat amazing what we can endure, when at least occasionally we are encouraged on our journey, our path, our mission, our endeavors. It is also amazing how little encouragement it takes to renew and refresh our efforts on that journey, path, mission and endeavors. It is also most lovely when it comes unexpectedly without request, or even necessarily hope. When it arrives this way, it is as a gift from God. And, surely He knew of the need, whether spoken or unspoken and it is each of our blessings to receive with wonder and inner rejoicing.

Have you traveled seemingly alone, perhaps wearily and through your perseverance kept on through more thickness than thin? Have you wondered if it was worth it all? Have you faced the lack of resources, energy and wisdom, and even on the edge, moved forward? If you have, as I, and then someone gives you just a bit of encouragement, expressing a belief in support, an offer of help, a gift of love, it is almost as if the reward of the final destination has been achieved. For, at the very least, the journey is shortened immediately–and joyously.

This isn’t vague generalities, although it could be construed as such–no, this is something we all share don’t you agree? And we rejoice together as it comes to pass for each other.

Bless you. Bless your journey. May my gift of just a bit of love and encouragement dare you to move forward with a renewed heart and joyous soul.

Today Is Yet Another Opportunity To Allow. It Is Also An Opportunity To Reach Out.

Spread Some Joy Today–Pay it forward!

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