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“A man cannot be comfortable
without his own

— Mark

above quote is wonderful. It is, in my opinion, something that each of us needs
to focus more attention to. So many people are seeking approval from outside of
themselves, and I have done so as well. It is a frustrating experience because
we expect and often do not receive even though we may have performed admirably.
As well, it is fleeting and changing so much as to confound many.
The best way is to approve of one’s self and not expect others to approve us.
This way we are in constant control and success is assured.
mirror is a wonderful place to begin. Start by deciding to like what you see
when you look in a mirror. It is more common to look for flaws or problems, so
we begin by not looking too closely, but approve what you see even if you would
like to look different.
you don’t like your hair or something so easy to change, then change it. Pretend
that it doesn’t matter in the least what others will say or think about how you
look. It only matters if you like it and only you can change it.
is something to practice and have fun with. For so many years, I didn’t like
what I saw in the mirror, and now I like myself a lot. There are still some
things that I want to change, but I am accepting and loving myself the way I am
now. This one thing has made a big change in my attitude about myself. I highly
recommend the practice.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall. . .

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