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“We’ll never be good at things

we have to try to be good at.”

— Danielle Laporte

I don’t know if I agree totally with Danielle’s statement, but I agree that we are all good at some things and at others we struggle. Sometimes in that struggle, we keep on struggling because we think we should be good at it or we think with enough effort we could be good at it and so on.

What I think is more important is whether we are satisfied and fulfilled by what we are doing. That tells more of the story when we add that to the results, whatever they may be.

I’ve hired a lot of salespeople over the years. One sticks out in my mind as having the basics, a stellar attitude, able to communicate with others. The trouble was that he just couldn’t close sales. Well, to be fair, he was very poor at it.

Closing the sale is not something that comes at the end of a session with a prospect, it begins at the beginning. So, by the time this gentleman (and that he was and is) sat the folks down at the end, I couldn’t come in and make enough difference most of the time because of what had gone before.

It was a sad day, but I finally had to let him go. The problem was that he was killing sales for the company, not just missing opportunities for himself. At the time I was sad about it, but after a short while, I realized it was the best thing possible for him because it set him free. He was free to find something that he could be good at.

I also know that he was good at what he previously did which was totally unrelated to sales. In this case, he was looking for a job and found one, and while thinking he could do it, he tried and it didn’t work out.

Often we look at getting fired as a devastating event, but if we were to look at it with fresh eyes, I think we will find that it was instead a momentous occasion leading us closer to doing something we are really good at.

Failing IS An Option. It Tell Us Much Worth Paying Full Attention To.

Spread Some Joy Today–Do you feel really good about what you do? Are you really good at it?

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