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“You life changes the moment you make
a new, congruent, and
committed decision.”

— Anthony

you have said to yourself or someone else, “I know this stuff, so why am I not
doing it?” I don’t admit that often, but I know this stuff, so why am I not
doing it? And, I know what the problem is that keeps me from doing it. Some
people call it being overwhelmed, and they would be right, or some people focus
on circumstances, and they would be right. It is all too easy to forget for a
time the sheer power that we all have inside to make changes no matter how
things may appear to say that is impossible or improbable, etc.
Anthony Robbins says, “your life changes the MOMENT you make a NEW, CONGRUENT,
and COMMITTED decision. It’s not those silly decisions we make all day,
everyday, but the far more important ones that we make when we’re sick and tired
or being sick and tired, or you’ve had a wake-up call that you health is
suffering, or you’re just tired of feeling this way or that. It does seem that
these decisions only come after a certain amount of weight has been allowed to
build up. It’s rather like earthquakes and the tectonic plates moving all of a
sudden after so much build up of pressure, don’t you think? I’m sure you’ve come
to these kind of decisions from time to time yourself.
I’ve made two decisions just in the last several days and both of those
decisions are dam-busters. One is about health, and me taking control of my
health and not allowing a doctor to do it. I know this stuff, so why am I not
doing it? I am now. I got up to what I call a stupid number on the weight
scale–numbers I’ve never seen before–plus my blood pressure was high and it
has never been before in my life, and more. So I have made immediate and major
changes that will bring me back to health where I belong. I am in charge and
always have been, though I’ve allowed poor choices and overwhelment to reshape
my body recently. It’s over now.
other decision is about money and what it means to me and how I deal with it.
I’ve changed my attitude completely on this subject and expect to see a far
brighter picture very soon.
says, “If you don’t set a baseline standard for what you’ll accept in your life,
you’ll find it’s easy to slip into behaviors and attitudes or a quality of life
that’s far below what you deserve.” I’m not just thinking about it anymore, but
drawing a line in the sand of what is acceptable and what is not. I’ll share the
good news in the coming months as this new plan unfolds. Of course, if you’ve
been where I’m talking about, come on along with me and make some changes. You
deserve it!

“Man Is Not The Creature Of Circumstances; Circumstances Are The Creatures
Of Men.”
— Benjamin Disraeli

Spread Some Joy Today–make some decisions you’ve been putting off for a
better time. The joy you will feel from just making the decision is enough to
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