Daily Inspiration 5-8-10

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“Inspire yourself and others will be inspired.
Motivate yourself and others will be motivated.
Develop yourself and others will start to develop themselves.
Be an example first and then the world changes around you.”
— Author Unknown
“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
— Mahatma Gandhi
You know the preflight routine when you get on a plane and they talk about the oxygen masks and how you put it on yourself first, then help someone else. You wouldn’t be much good otherwise as you’re passing out from lack of oxygen.
Well, the best way to inspire someone else is just like that–I have to inspire myself first, and then others can be inspired. Looking for people to become motivated requires that I be motivated myself first. Expecting others to get excited about personal development is ridiculous if I am not excited myself. And, in thinking about all this, isn’t this so true in our lives in general. We get much further along when we lead by example.
I need to be the change in my company, my relationship with my family, my environment and the world. It’s all wishing and hoping otherwise.
I Am The Agent Of Change.
Spread Some Joy Today–You’ve been elected the Agent of Change. You are now in charge of leading the way. Show ’em how it’s done!
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