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“Love me when I least deserve it,

because that’s when I really need it.”

— Swedish Proverb

I realize now in a sort of “ah-ha” moment, that I am always and constantly being challenged. Sometimes I’m challenged to perform, others to develop and expand skills or attributes. Sometimes I’m challenged to change, adapt, grow and improve. Other times I am challenged to love when it isn’t easy, have patience when you naturally feel anger instead.

I never thought much about the word challenge until my dear friend Warren, who took over my position at a previous company started using that word. I used to allow frustration to have its way with me all too often, and he called them challenges instead. The difference was clear in how to view the situation. His view was very positive and a healthy response, whereas often, mine was not so good and a reaction rather than a response. You see, he inspired me!

He inspired me to step back and look at a wider view; to be less concerned about the specific situation, and more concerned with not reacting to it, but taking it at its face value–at least for now–and then, responding intelligently and calmly with a confidence that can only be developed by surveying the situation with an impartial unconnected view.

Warren inspired me to detach myself from the so-called problem, allow it to be what it is for the moment, and view it more as a stranger than a participant. It’s sort of like being an outside consultant within your own company. Of course, this is the greatest value of an outside consultant. They have the opportunity (and responsibility) to view something that is personal to others as something very impersonal. They can see a different view of the same thing we see.

Lately, I am challenged in ways I would not have imagined. It is as if I am being tested to see what I’m made of. I am challenged to love when it isn’t easy. I am challenged to have patience when I want to scream. I am challenged to do things I never ever thought I would do. I am challenged to deal with a massive number of interruptions, and I am challenged to enjoy life in the process. Mostly, as Warren taught me so well, I am challenged to view each situation a bit impersonally in the grander view, while being fully functional and attached personally via my emotions of love, patience, kindness, endurance, and service.

I Am Practicing And Becoming Grateful For The Challenges Because They Cause Growth In Many Ways, And Growth Is, After All, Life.

Spread Some Joy Today–Rise to your challenges today!

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