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“What would you do, how would you change your life,
if you learned today that you only had six months to live?”
— Brian Tracy
“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”
— Walt Disney
I think the six month question is a really good one to ask ourselves from time to time to make sure that we are living our lives to the fullest, and doing what we really want to do.
It may be something very simple to someone else, but harder for you for some reason. A friend of mine is involved in a hospice group and helping to fulfill some people to do some things they’ve put off all their lives. I listened to a few of the stories and they seemed so simple to me and easy to achieve, yet they just kept putting them off. Now, when the end is near, they really want to do them. That’s interesting, don’t you think?
It could be as simple as going to a certain place, taking guitar or piano lessons, attending a rock concert, saying something to someone you’ve always wanted to say, taking a helicopter ride, flying in a Lear jet, taking race car driving lessons, standing on the pitching mound at Dodger’s stadium, visiting Hawaii for the first time, or the last time, playing craps in Vegas, going to the top of the Eiffel tower in Paris, taking a paddleboat cruise on the Mississippi, driving through the Delta in Northern California in a convertible with the top down, saying ‘I love you’ to that one you’ve always wanted to say it to but didn’t, and the list is as long as infinity.
Or, for some, who get the idea and concept of the question, but have much longer to live, it might be starting that business you’ve always thought about, or moving to that place that you love so much, or working for the love of it rather than the income of it. Those are bigger things, and though we put them off, they can be brought back to life and put on today’s agenda.
I think that the best place to get to is when the six month question is asked, I say that I wouldn’t change, add or subtract anything; that life is perfect as it is for me. I am happy and content and fulfilled. I am thankful and blessed.
What would you do if you had only six months to live?
I Want To Live My Life Fully Every Day In Every Way.
Spread Some Joy Today–What is your list of things you’ve been putting off, storing in the attic, buried in the backyard, stuffed under the mattress? How about doing one of them now? Start with the easiest one first.
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