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“Journalists do a better job of 
covering revolution than evolution.” 
— James Reston 

[Classic post from 5-16-17]

Of course! So don’t we all. Revolution is now! It’s active. It’s excitement. It’s moving as we speak. Evolution is sleepy. It’s long and slow and boring (at least in this moment).

Another way to look at a revolution is that it is a reality. It is real. It is happening. People are talking about it. People are acting in it and engaged. It demands attention. And, so we think it is real; that it is a reality. There’s nothing more real than this that is happening right before our eyes we say.

However, if the revolution is a reality, so is evolution. In our time and space system, we can easily see revolution as here and now while evolution is not begging for attention, and yet it is in process. We may see it as if it is in some other dimension and not in our presence. But it is as much in our presence as anything else.

Revolution demands immediate or near-term response and evolution is only seen with patience and perspective.

And so it is in our thoughts. Our constant inner dialog which is habitual thinking patterns of our ever-helpful ego, few of which are positive and uplifting (if any!) is a revolution. Our Inner Being, our Immanuel, our God Within, our Soul, our Inner Knowing is patient and kind and is only interested in our benefit and the benefit of others in our presence. That part of us is above and can see a far greater perspective. It sees beyond the momentary demands of the revolution because It is focused on evolution, evolving, becoming, unfolding, flowing. It is peace and love. It is Divine and divine.

Here’s Where A Deep Breath Is So Empowering. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by expanding your perspective to find the real in reality: LOVE.

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