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“Laughter is carbonated holiness.” 
— Anne Lamott 

[Classic post from 5-15-17]

These days I crave laughter. Probably what I most love about my main business partner is that he never fails to bring me laughter. We’ll be chatting about business and maybe even something that seems semi-serious, and then we’ll start laughing at it all. Taking things seriously is so overrated!

I just realized today that I feel as if I have come to a place in my life where hardly anything bothers me, and if it does, it is short-lived. Very little surprises me in the world, and yet I am fascinated with it all. I’m interested but I just don’t attach myself to it. This allows me to read the newspaper with joy. In fact, I find a lot of what goes on in the world as described in the newspaper or online brings me laughter, especially in how seriously they are trying to be about it.

I find smiles and laughter on Facebook regardless of what is being posted, and I love funny movies. One that just came out a few weeks ago is Why Him? It’s floating in the f-word and all its forms, some parts are a little gross, but it is fricken hilarious! I just rented it for the second time last night and howled all the way through, again. It’s a surprisingly good movie too and I think that it’s because of the choices of actors and that it has heartfelt moments too.

Whatever brings laughter to me brings me joy. It causes me to feel light, free, happy, optimistic. It makes my world smaller and my God or my Source so much more expansive. It even causes me to feel fear-less, problem-less, stress-less, and without any negativity at all.

What other than laughter can do all of that?

Laughter Is The Ultimate Letting Go! 

Spread Some Joy Today–by finding more and more ways to smile all over your body and let it wiggle with laughing out loud laughter.

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