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“Let us remember: 
One book, 
one pen, 
one child, 
and one teacher 
can change the world.” 

— Malala Yousafzai 

This morning I want to celebrate authors. I used to love that word when I was young, and I wanted to be an author. Back then, what that really meant was a published author. Of course this was before computers or the Internet and the main way to have others see your work as an author was in the form of a book, or article in a publication like a magazine. Now, anyone who chooses to can be a published author in a matter of minutes. And I celebrate that for all of us.

What I really want to focus on in my celebration is those who have taken the time to put down in writing, their stories, fiction and non-fiction, their ideas, their expertise, and their teachings. I have been so blessed by each and every one that I have had the honor and pleasure to read.

Early in my twenties, I began reading books by Michael Crichton, Clive Cussler, and others. Then, later, John Grisham caught my eyes and imagination. More than these, I have always loved biographies and autobiographies, telling the story of portions or of an entire life in the space of one book, or in some cases, several volumes, like Abraham Lincoln, and Mark Twain. I’ve read many classics in literature, and untold numbers of business-related, or more appropriately called, personal development books. Indeed, they have all helped to develop the person I am today.

My favorites are not found in every book store. I have a friend and client named Wendy VanHatten, who has written quite a number of books since I’ve known her and I’ve read them all with joy. I especially love her last three novels, plus a fictionalized biography of her father, titled, Dad’s Hidden Box. Most of her work is on Amazon. She was also the editor of my own published book, Commercial Truck Success. What a joy to know her and watch her produce these wonderful books.

I love finding obscure books that turn out to be charmers. I’m reading one right now and I’m three-fourths of the way through and don’t want the story to end. The book is titled, As Ever, Frank by Frank A. Remley. When I was selling books online, I had two copies of this book, both signed by the author, and now I have only one. It is out of publication, but there are a few copies online. What a story of his life. Makes my life seem completely lame. I delight in every word.

I ran across a few others like that. One is called, Before the Wind, The Memoir of an American Sea Captain 1808-1833 by Charles Tyng. What a story. This one is available on Amazon. Delightful story.

As I was reading aloud, As Ever, Frank, yesterday, I found myself thanking Frank for bothering to write his story down in such fine detail, and for his niece Betty K. Frandsen for helping to get it to publication. It was self-published in 1999 and never saw wide distribution.

In celebrating Frank, I began celebrating all of the authors I’ve read, along with the many millions I’ve never and will never read. What a blessing it is to have people bother to record their thoughts, ideas, stories, strategies, successes, failures, and all manner of life experience. I was even thanking myself for bothering to write every single day right here. Just the act of writing our thoughts out is a blessing to us regardless of who may or may not read them.

Everyone has stories worth telling, worth sharing and recording. I celebrate today all who bother to do that in whatever way works for them, and especially those who find a way to share them with others.

Thank You All Who Write And Share With Others. 

Spread Some Joy Today–There is joy in the written word. Write someone a note today in an email, or in a card, or in some other way, and share it. You’ll have the joy of doing it, and they will have the joy of receiving it.

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