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“We cannot rise higher
than our thought of

— Orison Swett

an interesting man was Orison Swett Marden, founder of Success Magazine in 1897,
author of over 18 books, and a positive thinker at the turn of the last century,
when they called that the New Thought Movement. He helped thousands back then
and continues with his timeless words today. If you have a Kindle, you can get
most of his books for free on Amazon.
brilliance of the thought expressed above is priceless. We cannot rise higher
than our thought of ourselves. So true. He elaborates: “The size of your
accomplishments, the quality of your achievement, will depend very largely on
how big a man you see in yourself, what sort of image you get of your possible
self, yourself at your best.”
I think on this idea, I can see so clearly into the past of how my own image of
myself has always been the culprit to keep me at a lower level than I claimed to
have wanted. I just couldn’t seem to picture myself there.
can also see that much if not most of that came from people teaching me and I
accepting their doctrine. I don’t blame them. They did what they thought was
best, but this is the whole idea of study on my own to find a better way. I have
always had that drive inside me to know and to feel better about myself and
accept the me I could be. There is not much that is as powerful to help a person
as a strong sense of self through confidence.
is why I practice to get better. This is why I teach what I learn, so I can go
from learning to knowing, all the while sharing valuable knowledge and ideas.
thing on this subject that I’ve recently learned that has helped me a good deal
is this: celebrate other people’s successes. Celebrate them getting what they
want, winning the prize, moving up the so-called ladder. It is one of the ways
to open the venue of abundance, which helps everyone the same. By celebrating
others, we can also believe even more in ourselves.

“You Are The One Who Can Stretch Your Own Horizon. . .” — Edgar F

Spread Some Joy Today–As you look around today or travel today and see
others doing well, driving fine cars, living in vast homes, celebrate their
success. Sing their praises along with them.
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