Daily Inspiration 5-4-11

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“It’s good to take a longer view and think,
What would I really like to do if I had no limitations whatsoever?”

— Laurie Anderson

“There are no limitations to the mind
except those we acknowledge.”

— Napoleon Hill

When I was younger, I would call them fantasies or daydreams. They were fanciful and not reality–just a dream, you know. . .maybe not even the slightest possibility of becoming real. And, the more I saw it not being real, or almost no possibility of it ever becoming real, the less time I spent daydreaming.

Now, I want to practice it as often as I can because I now know how powerful it can be, and how affirming it can be. It’s not anything you have to share with anyone if you don’t want, and in the early less confident place, that is probably wise.

Daydreaming is a tool to open the possibilities. The key I’ve found is to forget about any limitations and just dream. In dreams you can be anything, anyone, achieve anything, do anything. It is a limitless universe. The more that this is sprinkled into our reality, the more our reality takes on some of those limitless ideas.

Reality demands to count the cost, know how it will happen, plan for it in every way and every possible problem. Bunch of crap. This strategy will surely keep our feet on the ground full of reasonable limitations.

Letting reality have a place, but not the whole place allows us to learn how to soar. Indeed, any limitations that we think we have are beliefs we have, and beliefs are just thoughts we keep thinking. . .

There Is Far More To Life Than Reality.

Spread Some Joy Today–Smile. People will wonder what you are up to. Let them wonder.
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