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“Less rules, more intuition.” 

— Alan Cohen 

Here’s a quote from Seth Godin: “Our culture places a huge premium on choosing the right answer as if we’re all on some sort of game show.

Much less credit is given to people brave enough to realize that they’ve made a mistake who go ahead and choose a new direction, a new strategy or a new set of tactics.”

I’m not so sure that we need to use the word mistake, but he’s talking about. and he titled this. “The Do-Over.” Really what it is would be contrast causing one to evaluate the situation and keep making the same decision or choose a different one. In other words, the contrast causes us to evaluate where we stand relative to what we want– to what the new desire created by the contrast reveals.

I like this quote from Abraham, Esther Hicks: “Is this pill really an effective pill? Is this process really an effective process? Anything that causes you to allow what you desire is the process of coming into alignment. And so, we’re not, in any way, validating or invalidating anything. Many offer their “dog and pony show” as being the one that works. And good for all of them. We applaud anything that assists someone in allowing the Well-being, that they so much want and deserve, to flow.”

To think that there is one right answer, one way, one set of rules and that we either choose them or we are lost is ludicrous. There is so much contrast in this world, so many people, cultures, levels of knowing. Potentially, there are billions of right answers, ways, and sets of rules that answer for them the new desire from the contrast that they are currently experiencing. And, how incredibly arrogant it would be to think that we in our own right way, answers, and sets of rules could decide for them. This world is filled with diversity, locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally–even Universally.

If we pay attention to the contrast, we are experiencing and the resultant desire that it creates within us, and we follow our intuition to focus on that which we want as we are feeling good about that desire, it is unique perfection. It is right. It is truth. It is the way. For us. Not for others unless they choose it for themselves from their own experience, but our own correctness; our truth; our way. And, as we allow others to make their own choices by realizing that we could never legitimately choose for another, we free ourselves.

Follow Your Own Intuition. Follow Your Own Heart. Follow Your Own Internal Guidance. Allow All Others To Do The Same. Ultimately, This Is Love. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by just being yourself.

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