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“The more we look without,

the more we go without.”

— Albert K Strong

This one is interesting, and seems so true in my own life. The more we look without; that is, outside of ourselves, the more we go without because it is those things that we accept and rejoice in that are real. Everything else is potential.

The other thing is that by looking outside of ourselves, we are essentially claiming lack. We are saying, ‘this is missing from my life and I want it and I want to find it, and it is out there. Either they have it, or God has it, or I’m destined to find it someday, or I wish I had it. And, it doesn’t matter what ‘it’ is. It could be love, a partner, a child, a job, a home, money, fame, or a million and one other things.

I think we have to look within, not without. To find strength, we need to look within. It was here all the time, we just misplaced it. To find love, that is all around inside us just waiting to be acknowledged and shared. To find God, we won’t find Him by looking in church or anywhere else outside. He is inside and always available every nanosecond of every millennium.

Even if something is not fully manifested and visualized by our human eyes, if we cannot find it within us, it cannot be found outside of us.

Here’s a few great words from a favorite author and teacher, Alan Cohen: “You just need to know the truth about your power. Belief is the vehicle through which power manifests. The word “believe” comes form two original words: “leave be.” What we are willing to leave be, or let be, becomes real. We do not have to create good in our life, for all our good has already been created, and it is waiting for us to claim it.”

“The Easiest Goal To Attain Is To Claim What You Already Are” — Alan Cohen

Spread Some Joy Today–Celebrate all that you are and all that you have today.

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