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“Don’t lower your
expectations to meet your performance.
Raise your level of
performance to meet your expectations.
Expect the best of
and then do what is
necessary to make it a reality.”

— Ralph

always challenging myself to improve; to do well; better; the best I can given
the parameters, and I feel that way about everything that I do. However, I am
certainly not a perfectionist, as I do have a tendency to say, “okay, that’s
good for now.”
known many who beat it to death trying to excel. I don’t think it need be that
hard. I love Teddy Roosevelt’s famous phrase to “do what you can, with what you
have, where you are.” Tomorrow is another day and I’ll go and do what I can with
what I have, where I am then too. And that will be good enough. . . for
interesting is how everything constantly gets improvement with that
was talking yesterday to some people and considering how we operated and what we
did four short years ago compared to today. It is an amazing transformation. It
will also be the same kind of comparison four years from now because there is
constant growth.
of my favorite sayings comes from one of my mentors, Tony Robbins. He calls it
CANi, which stands for Constant and Never-Ending Improvement. There are so many
ways to improve, to see what can be done, to explore creativity and innovation
on a regular basis.
hear some business people talk about when the times get better, they will be
better. When times are good, they will be happy. When business improves, life
will be good again. I have a hard time with that. I think that there is no way
to happiness. Happiness is the way. More business doesn’t create
other thing I hear a lot is that when times get better, they will grow their
business again. There are so many ways to grow a business that don’t have
anything to do with more business. It comes back to CANi and doing what you can
with what you have, where you are NOW.
go of all the “if come maybe” stuff. There is so much to do right now. There is
no future in reality. Everything is right now.

Happiness Is Not Pursued. It Is Allowed.

Spread Some Joy Today–Allow yourself. Grant yourself permission to be
happy today. It’s always been as simple as your choice. Choose it now.
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