Daily Inspiration 5-31-11

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Choice Week

“It is almost impossible for anyone,
even the most ineffective among us,
to continue to choose misery after
becoming aware that it is a choice.”

— William Glasser

I was talking with a friend today about awareness and enlightenment and how once we become truly aware of a thing such as cause and effect, it is nearly impossible to unlearn it.

It’s kind of like the flat earth theory. Once people became aware that the earth was actually round, they couldn’t very well go back to thinking it was flat. Belief in one idea often removes belief from something else.

Now that I am fully aware that I create my own happiness in every second of every day, I cannot imagine going back to thinking that I need things or other people or the right circumstances to make me happy. I’ve learned that I am fully responsible and completely in charge of my happiness. No one can make me happy. I am the only one who can do that. I can’t even imagine going back to that old powerlessness.

Being In Charge Is A Wonderful Feeling!

Spread Some Joy Today–Choose to be in charge of your joy!
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