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“Wherever you are, be there. 
If you can be fully present now, 
you’ll know what it means to live.” 

— Steve Goodier 

Two days ago, I wrote about busy business people who find it difficult to actually pay attention and focus on one thing at a time. I suggested that if they would make an appointment with a person of value and gave focused attention, and the other party did the same, that is a powerful combination. It is presence. It is being present. When we are busy and flitting about, we are not present, but somewhere else.

Today I had some excellent communication with two people and it was excellent because we were all present. We were respecting each other and the ideas they may have to help, and much progress was made in a short time.

Then I came home, looked at my photographs of memories of my late wife, other family members on the wall and was thinking how thin and almost unimportant they are. Granted, I like them, and there were some wonderful moments captured, but they are a fraud in comparison with the actual interaction during the photograph and all the other moments during that time.

This caused me to think about presence and how many times we are interacting with people, even spouses and family, and yet we aren’t fully there. We may be wanting to be somewhere else, especially if things are not going well for whatever reason. We may be thinking about other issues that are weighing heavily on our minds. In any case, whatever it is, it causes us to not be present in the way we would if we let go of the baggage and focused our attention.

I was talking with a guy who was for a time of five years, a stay-at-home Dad. How awesome that was to have done that and for those stay-at-home Mom’s too. They get to be present in the most formative years of their children’s lives. At least, I am thinking and hoping they were present. Woe be to have that opportunity and blow it by not being present!

Which brought me full circle to giving each other, in all our various interactions and communications, our full attention as best we can. Better to say, I can’t right now, but how about this afternoon at 3pm, than to try to pay attention when you are preoccupied. Our attention to each other, learning and sharing with each other, working with each other, and playing with each other is so valuable that to me it seems like the only value. The photo is a pale image and not even worthy of saving in comparison. 

Wherever You Are, Be There To The Best Of Your Ability. It Will Make All The Difference. 

Spread Some Joy Today–When you feel joy, you cannot be anything but present.

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